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I'm a semi-retired Editor. I have been a newspaper and magazine Journalist since 1982. The study of Ancient History is one of my greatest passions, and in my life's experiences I've learned at least one very valuable lesson, about history and myself: One must finally reconcile what is real in the heart and the nonsense that comes out of our mouths, our pens and our keyboards.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Miraculous Journey

Allow me to preface this story by expressing my opinion concerning the Exodus.

I believe the maps that are found in most Bibles; (printed before the end of the 20th century A.D.), claiming the route that Moses took in the "Exodus" from Egypt, are inaccurate. Several years ago, I found what I believe to be the route the Hebrews actually took after they left Egypt -- approximately, 3,500 - years ago.

The story of the Exodus, is exciting, to say the least, and though many doubt it, previous archaeological discoveries, as well as recent finds, and other scientific data, reveal that the Biblical narrative is astoundingly accurate. The notorious; often refuted "explorer," Ron Wyatt, who died in 1999, published a map that displays the claim I also make; that the "fleeing Jews" traveled through the Sinai, then over "dry land," across the Red Sea" -- 'Gulf of Aquaba' - (East of the Sinai Peninsula and into southern Saudia Arabia toward Midian/Maydan) Later (nearly 40 years later) they crossed from the (east side) of the Jordan River into the western lands of "Caanan," to attack Jericho.
Wyatt's depiction of the crossing, (in his map, seen above), is nearly identical to the route I drew on a map, (without knowledge of Wyatt's claims), several years ago.
Much credit also goes to Bob Cornuke and Larry Williams for their documented account into Saudia Arabia to the possible site of "Horeb" or Mt. Sinai.
-- D. "Deuke" -- 2008 --
The Miraculous Journey (c) 2004
By D. "Deuke"
Travelers in some parts of the Middle East have utilized the same well-worn passages and roads for more than 5,000 years. However, nearly 3,500 years ago, a story was told of a multitude of people, more than 600,000 strong, according to at least one source, along with their animals, took a journey through the deserts – in the Middle East – on a route that no one has yet been able to follow, with complete accuracy.

The former slaves of a hard-driving monarchy hurriedly distanced themselves from a territory, in which they had lived and toiled for over 400 years. After they left, a debate raged in the palace of the king.

“Why have you let these people go?” the king’s governors demanded. “They have killed our sons, and your son, and yet you have given them gold and jewels and sent them away to worship a GOD we cannot see,” they screamed with lethal contempt.

“Calm yourselves,” the king commanded. “I shall capture them and bring them back into the land – where they shall again carry the brick and mortar, and build my great cities?” he replied.

The immense family of men, women and children continued to urge their livestock forward; reluctantly following an 80 year-old man. Though he seemed a miracle-worker, they murmured among themselves about the unrelenting pace; the thirst they had no time to quench, and the lack of food. Yet they sustained the march toward a wilderness where very few could survive.

The old man spoke strangely about a promise made to their ancestors; a promise that they would inherit another land, which “flowed with milk and honey,” he had told them, “The promise was a gift from their GOD,” he said. However, several days into the journey, the people discovered they were being pursued by a significant and formidable army – soldiers spurred by a king, who now sought revenge and retaliation, for the provocative way in which his slaves had departed the kingdom.

The hunted shrunk in fear. “Why have you brought us into the desert?” the people shouted at the old man. “Was it to kill us in this wasteland?” they cried.

“Do not fear,” the old man reassured them. “Our GOD will see us through.”

Suddenly, a dense cloud descended from the heavens and hid the assembly from the hunters. The stalking army became uneasy; a thick white cloud had abruptly concealed the fleeing slaves. The king’s scouts attempted to peer through the veil, but could see nothing. They reported that the prey had escaped the king’s wrath, for yet another day.

“Who is this GOD that hides a multitude?” the king demanded. But there was no answer.

Day after day, hour after hour, a distance between the two camps was maintained. On one of the starless nights, a sentry came to his captain and reported a “pillar of fire,” was seen in the vast expanse ahead then confided that he was afraid. “Tell no other what you have seen,” the captain ordered. “The king has gone mad – and his anger is unbridled. I fear as well, that death will come to us all.”

At last, the mass of humanity halted before a sea; nowhere else to turn. An enormous body of water was before them; a pursuing army, close behind. Terror struck their heart; death was surely on its way. “Save us!” they begged.

Some say, that in the desert, at the foothill of Jabal Umm Tartir, the old man raised his staff and the waters of the deep stood far apart. He is said to have yelled, "Hurry, cross to the other side; witness your GOD who saves you with a strong hand and mighty works!”

The throng passed the depths on a dry path. A wall of water stood high on the left, and a wall of water remained on the right; truly an amazing sight.

“After them!” the king shouted. The soldiers compelled their mounts to move; chariots lurched forward and men rushed headlong toward the inferior slaves. “Quickly you fools; they are getting away!” the king shrieked.

The formidable army rushed forward with screams and shouts, as they hotly pursued the escaping families. The king watched from a hill, high above the sea, only nodding to his commander as his men moved with fear into the path of what was only moments before, a deep inland sea.

Suddenly, just as his army had traveled nearly 200 yards onto the path, the walls of water began to crumble and fall. Soldiers, who were once mighty warriors, began to scream as travailing women. Within seconds, hundreds of  feet of water had engulfed the Egyptian army.....

The following is from Ron Wyatt's website:
"Confirmation of the actual Exodus route has come from divers finding coral-encrusted bones and chariot remains in the Gulf of Aqaba."

"ABOVE GILDED CHARIOT WHEEL - Mute witness to the miracle of the crossing of the Red Sea by the Hebrews 3,500 years ago. Found with metal detector. *Coral will not grow on gold."