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I'm a semi-retired Editor. I have been a newspaper and magazine Journalist since 1982. The study of Ancient History is one of my greatest passions, and in my life's experiences I've learned at least one very valuable lesson, about history and myself: One must finally reconcile what is real in the heart and the nonsense that comes out of our mouths, our pens and our keyboards.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Messiah

According to unique sources:

When the Messiah returns
In the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible):
Most of the textual requirements concerning the messiah, what he will do, and what will be done during his reign are located within the Book of Isaiah, although requirements are mentioned in other prophets as well.

* The Sanhedrin will be re-established (Isaiah 1:26)
* Once he is King, leaders of other nations will look to him for guidance (Isaiah 2:4)
* The whole world will worship the One God of Israel (Isaiah 2:17)
* He will be descended from King David (Isaiah 11:1) via King Solomon (1 Chron. 22:8–10)
* The Moshiach will be a man of this world, an observant Jew with "fear of God" (Isaiah 11:2)
* Evil and tyranny will not be able to stand before his leadership (Isaiah 11:4)
* Knowledge of God will fill the world (Isaiah 11:9)
* He will include and attract people from all cultures and nations (Isaiah 11:10)
* All Israelites will be returned to their homeland (Isaiah 11:12)
* Death will be swallowed up forever (Isaiah 25:8)
* There will be no more hunger or illness, and death will cease (Isaiah 25:8)

* All of the dead will rise again (Isaiah 26:19)
* The Jewish people will experience eternal joy and gladness (Isaiah 51:11)
* He will be a messenger of peace (Isaiah 52:7)
* Nations will recognize the wrongs they did Israel (Isaiah 52:13–53:5)
* The peoples of the world will turn to Israel for spiritual guidance (Zechariah 8:23)
* The ruined cities of Israel will be restored (Ezekiel 16:55)
* The Temple will be rebuilt (Ezekiel 40) resuming many of the suspended mitzvot
* He will then perfect the entire world to serve God together (Zephaniah 3:9)
* Jews will know the Torah without Study (Jeremiah 31:33)
* He will take the barren land and make it abundant and fruitful (Isaiah 51:3, Amos 9:13–15, Ezekiel 36:29–30, Isaiah 11:6–9)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Something in the skies

A few days before Thanksgiving, (Nov. 27, 2008), I was out and about on the outskirts of town, when I saw asomething unique in the sunsetting sky. I usually have a camera with me, so I stopped the car, got out and shot three pictures of the object.
It was pretty far away - I estimate, 10-20 miles, and approximately 500 ft. off the ground. At first I thought it was just a strange cloud formation. Now, I'm not so all tell me?

see for yourself........


The following is from a website that purports a UFO connection to the Bible. Be it understood this writer does not necessarily agree with the website's author, nor is this to be mistaken as supporting their views. I have included this on my site because of a novel I wrote, (to be published soon - which touches on the subject).
This website, called the Bible UFO Connection, is an example of how far some are willing to go concerning the subject of UFO's...............

The True Nature of the "gods" of the Bible

The Bible UFO Connection is a collection of the hundreds of references in the Bible to flying vehicles, close encounters, futuristic weaponry, and advanced technological character of the race of supreme beings known as the Elohiym.

The Bible UFO Connection is the result of research undertaken to find links in three, seemingly unconnected fields, theology, archeology, and ufology. In general terms, flying gods, ancient advanced technology, and the unexplained objects flying in our skies.

It is the intent of this site to present truth that is hidden from the public either by ignorance or intention. It is up to the reader to judge if these long hidden connections and truths are random deletions or whether they may indeed be the key to the world's greatest deception.

The Church Is Hiding It
The beings of the Bible, called god(s), possess and use an advanced technology that allows them to fly in vehicles, described by biblical witnesses as strikingly similar to UFOs. This technology extends far beyond flight.

The church has chosen to ignore the biblical evidence that supports this, in spite of hundreds of biblical verses proving it. This practice of ignoring biblical text extends beyond the technical aspects of God, into areas of specific biblical commands and core concepts. Not only the obvious exclusion of this reality, but also the characterization of demonic association by the more zealous, gives rise to the evidence of a conspiracy of ignorance either in place, or in the making.

For those, in the religious community who automatically condemn this site as evil for even questioning the integrity of the church, it stands on a very clear mandate in the Bible. 1Thessalonians 5:21 and Romans 12:2 clearly authorizes, and directs all men, and women, to prove all things.

To blindly condemn the information here, without proving it wrong, is a violation of that directive.

The Experts Are Hiding It
The archeological field is in possession of direct evidence of advanced technology and beings in the remnants of ancient cultures. They don’t declare it as evil, just unknown. The fact that these objects could not possibly have been made by the culture they represent goes unmentioned.

This reality is mirrored in many of the world’s ancient writings. The field of anthropology is silent on the written evidence veiling it myth and legend. Our history is incomplete without a clear understanding that our ancestors were in direct contact with a race of advanced beings. Our remnants of the past are mislabeled and improperly associated to satisfy certain antiquated theories of our past. And there is no other branch in the recognized orthodox scientific community that even admits there is anything strange going on in our skies.

Does this not also have the feel of a conspiracy of ignorance? We cannot prove that they are withholding information intentionally, but that does not change the fact that they are withholding it.

The Government is Hiding It

The presence of an advanced race of beings in our biosphere is undeniable. The almost comical approach by the government is alarming, and any intelligent person can see that their standard "official" explanations are insulting.

Even more insulting, believers persuaded by an unending flow of solid proof of an unearthly presence are labeled as everything from mildly paranoid to mentally incompetent. This scenario is typical of a mass urban sighting.

A large, glowing, and spinning object in the sky, knocks out power for miles. It is seen by hundreds of civilians, chased for miles by police officers, and tracked by military and civilian air controllers. It is pursued by military jets, buzzes commercial planes, and suddenly takes off into deep space at speeds even military pilots can’t calculate or match.

The civilians testify, the police officers and their radio recordings witness the chase. Radar documentation and control tower transmissions verify the aerial activity. Even video recordings have captured the action. And to all this, the official explanation is always predictable. Take your pick; swamp gas, out of control weather balloons, meteors, or (one) favorite, the planet Venus.

No matter how much proof exists, or how loud the public clamors for investigation, they pump out their cookie-cutter press releases and retire to their bunkers. This is clearly deception.

This site is intended to enlighten the reader and expand the range of possibilities. One of those possibilities is that there is a conspiracy of silence permeating the whole of society. What could ever be more important to the human race than the fact that beings, not from this planet, are freely flying in our skies and leaving cryptic messages in our wheat fields. With massive amounts of evidence in all these areas it is an anomaly, that the study of these connections is not an international priority.

It is undeniable that it soon will be the top subject in the world’s focus.
The church says the UFOs are deceiving us. The experts say the UFO phenomenon is deceptive.

The government says everyone is deceived. Who is deceiving whom?
the following link is another site, which in my opinion has at least more credible reports:

Billy Booth,

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Is It Poetry?

The Mountains of Life
By D."Deuke"

The 'Mountains of Life,' albeit majestic in nature, are rarely climbed with ease in the human ascent toward happiness. Bits and pieces of peace and contentment may embrace us. Many more grains of heartache may test us, but we all have to climb, or decide to stay in the 'Valley of Defeat.'

Goals vary. Some seek to attain riches, while others reach for impossible dreams, struggling every step of the way toward what they perceive as reality. Some traverse the streams of interaction with little difficulty.

Others attempt to skirt the torrents that make up much of life’s rivers. Many slowly grip every foothold, ever climbing, always moving forward, toward perceived heights of glory, and what will they find?

Some say that ‘only the finality of a man,’ is all that will be found. “For dust we were; dust we shall be.” Others say that our end may result in discovering the precious traits of Happiness."

Solomon, the great wise King of Israel said while speaking of this Earth's treasures that "All is vanity." Was he right? We may reach a contentment at the summit of our life and we may see our visions of happiness become reality, but first, we are admonished to accept "our lot in life," ever climbing with understanding that we may influence; but not control.

Our happiness may come when we have given all truly from our hearts; purely loving those we encounter. For what else defines a complete journey upon the mountains of life?

Sayings of note....

Deuke, standing atop Enchanted Rock
 "The value of communication, in all its varied expressions, which result in a mutual understanding; positively reinforcing comprehension and discernment, well ought to be the highest rated function in society."

"How a person masters his fate, is more important than what his fate may be."
Wihelm Von Humboldt

"Pay attention to your enemies, for they are the first to discover your mistakes."

"Let no man think he has no influence."Henry George

"When all else fails, jump, with force, feet first."
Terry Lietch
Brazoria County, Texas

"I'd rather be a could-be if I cannot be an are; because a could-be is a maybe who is reaching for a star. I'd rather be a has-been than a might-have-been, by far; for a might-have-been, has never been, but a has-been was once an are."
Unknown author