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I'm a semi-retired Editor. I have been a newspaper and magazine Journalist since 1982. The study of Ancient History is one of my greatest passions, and in my life's experiences I've learned at least one very valuable lesson, about history and myself: One must finally reconcile what is real in the heart and the nonsense that comes out of our mouths, our pens and our keyboards.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Is It Poetry?

The Mountains of Life
By D."Deuke"

The 'Mountains of Life,' albeit majestic in nature, are rarely climbed with ease in the human ascent toward happiness. Bits and pieces of peace and contentment may embrace us. Many more grains of heartache may test us, but we all have to climb, or decide to stay in the 'Valley of Defeat.'

Goals vary. Some seek to attain riches, while others reach for impossible dreams, struggling every step of the way toward what they perceive as reality. Some traverse the streams of interaction with little difficulty.

Others attempt to skirt the torrents that make up much of life’s rivers. Many slowly grip every foothold, ever climbing, always moving forward, toward perceived heights of glory, and what will they find?

Some say that ‘only the finality of a man,’ is all that will be found. “For dust we were; dust we shall be.” Others say that our end may result in discovering the precious traits of Happiness."

Solomon, the great wise King of Israel said while speaking of this Earth's treasures that "All is vanity." Was he right? We may reach a contentment at the summit of our life and we may see our visions of happiness become reality, but first, we are admonished to accept "our lot in life," ever climbing with understanding that we may influence; but not control.

Our happiness may come when we have given all truly from our hearts; purely loving those we encounter. For what else defines a complete journey upon the mountains of life?