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I'm a semi-retired Editor. I have been a newspaper and magazine Journalist since 1982. The study of Ancient History is one of my greatest passions, and in my life's experiences I've learned at least one very valuable lesson, about history and myself: One must finally reconcile what is real in the heart and the nonsense that comes out of our mouths, our pens and our keyboards.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sayings of note....

Deuke, standing atop Enchanted Rock
 "The value of communication, in all its varied expressions, which result in a mutual understanding; positively reinforcing comprehension and discernment, well ought to be the highest rated function in society."

"How a person masters his fate, is more important than what his fate may be."
Wihelm Von Humboldt

"Pay attention to your enemies, for they are the first to discover your mistakes."

"Let no man think he has no influence."Henry George

"When all else fails, jump, with force, feet first."
Terry Lietch
Brazoria County, Texas

"I'd rather be a could-be if I cannot be an are; because a could-be is a maybe who is reaching for a star. I'd rather be a has-been than a might-have-been, by far; for a might-have-been, has never been, but a has-been was once an are."
Unknown author