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I'm a semi-retired Editor. I have been a newspaper and magazine Journalist since 1982. The study of Ancient History is one of my greatest passions, and in my life's experiences I've learned at least one very valuable lesson, about history and myself: One must finally reconcile what is real in the heart and the nonsense that comes out of our mouths, our pens and our keyboards.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Who are we, and where did we come from?

 By D. "Deuke" © 2013
 In my quest to find answers about our existence and purpose, I looked first at the spiritual side of the equation, as it was my upbringing. I believe the universe was created by GOD. How that was done will always be the quest of scholars - until we are informed by the Creator. I did find answers. However, I realized also that there was a need to delve into more of the details that were not present for instance, in Bible narratives. 

I studied concepts, perpetuated by religious communities, and found many of their dogmas to be based on nothing more than their particular brand of spirituality.  I looked to scientists, from many disciplines, to understand what they believed and how they imparted those beliefs. I found them questionable in many instances as they seemed to discount the conscious/spiritual side of the intricate equation. 
There is a multitude of information available about man's origins from anthropologists, archaeologists, paleontologists, and many others - any having to do with the best explanations of how we got here and how we progressed, or degenerated, depending on one's perception. We have studied life from ancient times to present. Images of skeletons, scattered bones, even the skulls of ancient humans have been carefully examined. Areas from all over the world have been excavated, photographed and sifted through, in an attempt to answer the questions of our origins and how we came to be.
Most of us have seen photos of ancient dwellings, such as the Mesa Verde in Colorado, or read about the discoveries in Egypt, such as the Tel Edfu project, but what do they all mean?

Can we say with certainty how it all came to be? It's hard to tell sometimes when the presenters of theories that do not consciously allow a spiritual connection, and advocate an origin that came about simply by chance. In recent times, scholars have theorized that comets brought the first proteins of life to a forbidden planet. They propose that although the environment was volatile and going through catastrophic changes, it was just right for the proteins to "fold" and begin a life process. I find it disengenuous at best that scientists will allow for statistical impossibilities in our origins, but will at the same time discount, "Intelligent Design."

In My opinion, GOD may have started life as a one-celled animal; spreading molecules, amino acids and proteins around on the debris in space from an energy source incalculable and sent it on a designed course. But I believe that he created each and every species, distinctly different, including mankind; there was no evolutionary process to finally reach our so-called, modern-homo sapiens status. And I believe that the reader and the student must take with a grain of salt the advocacy of origin theories by particular professors and pseudo-scientists that attempt to dazzle the masses with profound statements in biological mumbo-jumbo, and instead open their mind to the possibilities that our origins were indeed, intelligently designed.

I thought that this particular talk by Scientist, Rupert Sheldrake, was worthy of uploading - as he questions the science community's "dogmatic constants."

Another site that may be of interest about NASA missions to search for answers about our origins, see this: